Wilbarger County, Texas Cemeteries

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Ansley Cemetery (see Four Corners Cemetery)
Bell Cemetery 34.368056, -99.371944
Eastview Memorial Cemetery 34.145556, -99.232222
Fargo Cemetery 34.269700, -99.293030
Four Corners Cemetery (aka Ansley Cemetery) Vernon community
Harrold Cemetery 34.084450, -99.043990
Lockett Cemetery 34.099380, -99.367700
Mack Cemetery 33.898056, -99.182222
Paradise Cemetery 34.045330, -99.344890
Ronda Cemetery 33.937500, -98.991944
Tolbert Cemetery (aka Wheatland Cemetery) 34.218730, -99.399310
Waggoner Ranch Gravesite 33.974930, -99.230930
Wheatland Cemetery (see Tolbert Cemetery)
Wilbarger Memorial Park 34.108889, -99.351389
Zion Lutheran Cemetery 34.049250, -99.385070